Warm, sunny, fresh, and ire, Kristin Lasonta Ward, owner of In Harmony Music Therapy is an amazing Toronto vocalist, songwriter, active performer, and Music Therapist. Lasonta’s approach to music therapy is humanistic and person-centric as she exercises this theory in her artistry and everyday life. She believes music truly is the universal language that opens expression in one's soul. Apart from being a frontliner for Taste of Madness, Lasonta’s personal music career is vibrant and versatile with her new single release   (Say Something) now available on all digital platforms. She is currently working on releasing her own pop-soul EP - as well as investing her musical aptitude in other musically enriched projects. She’s a force to be reckoned with on the big stage with her big soulful vocals, bright smile, and positive personality. Currently one of Toronto's hidden gems...but hopefully not for too much longer.

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T A L E N T    B E A U T Y   &   V E R S A T I L I T Y